Born in Rome, Italy I developed a love for film early as I was exposed to the great Italian filmmakers. My father had a passion for photography that was passed on to me. That led me to film school where I earned a degree in film/editing. 

My desire for discovery and adventure took me to the UK and then to the USA where I began to work in news stations. Concurrently I picked up a camera and started filming, begun to tell stories. 

My experience of over 20 years, ranges from TV News, to film sets, to small production units where I wore many hats. Within the last 10 years, the focus has been directing and camera even though I still edit.

I love to create visually and emotionally stimulating storytelling. 

My work has earned multiple awards including a Suncoast Emmy in 2012.


Let me know how we can give life to something great.








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